gimme that juju

If you ever have the chance to get yourself to Africa take it; go there. I don’t care what color your skin is, Africa is the motherland and a place that we all should try to explore at least once in our lives. You won’t be disappointed.

Just don’t expect it to be like any of that stuff you’ve seen on National Geographic. Maybe that goes without saying but Africa is all at once more sophisticated and more raw than you’d ever expect. It defies the paradox and is constantly morphing itself into something else, something beyond expectation. It is completely organic. Magic.

The music on this mix is a prime example. Tribal and futuristic, the music compiled here by the good people at ANALOG AFRICA is completely unto itself and would influence American popular music for decades to come. Good stuff from all places. Get with the JUJU, here…now.



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  1. yesss!

    check my postings at for some afro insights x

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