always rock the spot

One of my first gigs as a video dude was going on tour with THE VISIONARIES who were opening up the West Coast for Jurassic 5. This is 2001. Before I had status. Before I had a pager. Before I had grey hair.

Honestly, that was the most fun I had doing a job although it wasn’t “technically” a job since we weren’t getting paid. In fact we were even paying our expenses out of our own pocket. But we were on tour. Doing it.

But also the Visionaries are some of the coolest cats you’ll ever get a chance to meet in this cut troat business. On the real. I was actaully a BIGGER fan after that job than before. That is a rare thing. Things get hectic.

This is a live mix from World Famous Beat Junkie and Visionaries DJ Rhettmatic, from the DO OVER, a local LA Sunday spot that has been vibin’ for the last few years. A great place to be if you like good people and good music. See you there.



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