too hot…can’t think

It’s too hot for hip hop.  Yeah, I said it.  I don’t need to be shakin my ass right now.  What I do need is a hammock, a lemonade and a turtle that can bring me things on his back like a waiter.  This is what needs to happen.

Anyway, we’re trying to stay cool out here on the west coast and my selection of music today shall reflect that.  This is a Latin jazz/soul/funk mix put together by the lovely gents over at FUNKY SIXTEEN CORNERS, the creme de le creme of music blogs dealing in funk and soul.  Check it out.

All the heavy hitters are here.  Mongo, Tito Puente, Joe Bataan, Ray Barretto and of course, MM!!! personal fave, Willie Bobo playing Spanish Grease.  So put this sucker on, get naked with someone you love and reenact that scene from Jungle Fever with the ice cubes.  This is not a suggestion, it’s an order.  You’ll thank me later.  Or in about 5 minutes.




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