for tu madre

Fully woke up this morning with the intention of posting this MF DOOM mix that I’ve been holding onto but, you know, who likes sticking to plans? Found this J-ZONE burner while researching the Doom mix and was compelled to call an audible. That’s what ICE-T and ROLL BOUNCE will do to you at 7:00 in the AM.

Been a big fan of J-Zone ever since the first album, MUSIC FOR TU MADRE. That was 1999 when “Independent Hip Hop” didn’t mean wearing NEON T-SHIRTS and WHITE SUNGLASSES. J-Zone actually made that first album as his senior year college project and wasn’t afraid to hype it as such. He made the beats, wrote the rhymes and did it with intelligence and integrity. No wonder THE MAINSTREAM wasn’t vibin’ him.

Music For Tu Madre also rocks one of the most classic albums covers of the last decade featuring J’s grandma with a blunt and a 40. Amazingly enough, she is also featured on this mix when she gives the opening drop to the initial episode of his GATORS AND FURS internet radio show. CERTIFIED HEAT.




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