strictly the cuts

Myself not withstanding, there are three people on this planet who have ever cut my hair.  That would be my moms, my boy Zach Harris (junior high buzz cuts) and most recently my girl ADRIANA who runs SUGAR in Silverlake.  I’m hoping that’s the list I go to the grave with.

Because, hot damn, Adriana is good.  And not only does homegirl get down with the scissors and comb but she is also an deep crated DJ and a humanitarian to boot.  Her efforts to save the world are currently concentrated on but not limited to fund raising for the MEXICALI ROSE CENTER FOR THE ARTS as well as teaching and organizing workshops for all the border kids she can wrangle.

Her mix is pretty much what you would expect from someone hustling positivty as hard and in as many directions as Adriana does.  Eclectic, funky and always the jam, this mix is the perfect compliment to a summer spent plotting world domination or local celebration.  And honestly, Adriana had me with the first record she drops.  Flamenco can’t be stopped.  And neither can this girl.



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