Summer hit it RIPE, like the avocado in my breakfast burrito, when I discovered THE RUB on a road trip with my older Bro. The Rub: Sweet conflict resolution.

Bro: What the hell kind of driving is this?
Me: You’re an asshole.( A beat.) Who’s this?!
Bro: The Rub: Dankarelli.
Me: Hot damn. The GHOSTBUSTERS THEME REMIX! Remember Slimer?
Bro: Stony.

Volume 15 is the jam du jour.  Nineteen-Ninety-three, the year of 36 Chambers, pivotal, obviously. I knew all of the words to “Protect Ya Neck” and “Method Man” when I was twelve.  In the same year, we got Midnight Marauders, SOULS OF MISCHIEF and Doggy Style.  WATERSHED.  The Rub mixed-up 21 volumes of  these hip-hop goodies for you and I.  Need I say more?

LISTEN!!! -THE RUB VOL. 15: 1993


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One response to “DANKARELLI

  1. zen

    Officer, Officer, Officer, Officer!
    WOOP WOOP!!!!!

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