arigato arighetto

DJ Family pizza turntable

Japan is not the first destination you’d hit up for some ghettotech…Detroit, Chicago, Miami even, but not Japan. Now, wacky gameshows and adorably surreal commercials, that’s another story. But one listen to DJ FAMILY’s GHETTO BANG DOWN and you’ll recognize how Japan gets down. Family serves up the dirtiest ghettotech/house tracks sped up, tricked out, and infused with video game sounds and 808. He gets that booty percolating with some of your faves from Coon Daddy, DJ Funk, DJ Zap, Starski & Clutch, Kraftwerk and countless booty bass classics you’ll never know the names of.

Don’t even get me started on his mixing skills-the speed, the precision, the effortlessness. Not only does he spin wax, but pizzas and birthday cake too…yo Family, can I get a slice? Damn Japan, why you gotta show us up like that.

Watch out for those Myspace tracks too, he remixes fellow Japanese badass Tigarah and throws up a song called Boobs In My Face, enough said.

Keep it in the family.



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