cool school

Do you know how much good music we wouldn’t have if it weren’t for THE INTERNET? F’reals, this netz thang ain’t no joke.

Beirut, Matt & Kim, health, Grizzly Bear, Icy Lytes, Gutter Music, Wale…the list of artists and bands who have found success by distributing their music over the internet is long and distinguished. And then of course there is THE COOL KIDS.

These fools outta ILLVILLE, CHICAGO haven’t dropped a full length album yet and their mugs are all over the media. And for good reason too. Their music is crunchy and original with a style and cadence all their own. They got swagger but let’s not even call it that. Let’s call it a GANGSTER LIMP because that second step is pronounced. Like heavy.

Their album won’t be out for a little bit but they dropped this mixtape to keep us happy…for now. I need me some wax KIDS!



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