time to get grimey


That’s right, it’s time for MM!!!’s first UK grime mix…and this one holds it down as an all-purpose grime sampler. While Dizzee Rascal has gained international success as the grime poster boy, there is a whole crew of MCs busting out the scene (side note: our boy Aaron LaCrate is on tour now with Dizzee, check out the tour dates).

MICROPHONE CHAMPION VOL. 1 features the leading lads of the UK underground spitting hard, fast rhymes to drum & bass heavy, garage influenced beats-it’s dark, dirty and futuristic while infusing dancehall flavor to keep it sexy. And you can’t deny there’s something extra sexy about those Jamaican-British accents.

Like hip hop, grime has become a youth movement with a whole culture accompanying the music itself. Implementing DIY tactics, these crews are documenting what they’re about, schooling the rest of us on how it’s really going down on their corner.

If you’re into this mix, you can find an extensive listing of others on grimepedia-yup, grime gots its own wikipedia.






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