yes, these are my friends

Yeah, my homegirl Zen chills with TAY ZONDAY. Act like you know.

When she’s not taking pictures of INTERNET CELEBRITIES, Zen is busy busting out tight azz mixes for your listening pleasure. Her IN DA CLUB MIX is currently the second most popular mix on MM!!! and this time she returns with a whole new concept to smash your speakers with.

But what else would you expect from a girl who is not happy with taking pics of Vince Vaughn and Madlib and so also goes to work on CHRIS CROCKER and NUMA NUMA. Girl’s gotta push the edge of the envelope. She’s sorta like Top Gun.

So she comes at us with her new musical venture that she started with her homegirl Alisa: SILKY FACES. A tribute to both SILK and CHANGING FACES, these girls spare no exspense in bringing you this steamy, sexy mix with a 80’s/early 90’s flare. Reminiscent of DAM FUNK in their devotion to a specific genre, Silky Faces are on the rise and should be crushing the Leimert Park salon scene in the very near future. You heard it here first.





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