the wedding dj’s

So I’m leaving today for the first leg of my aforementioned WEDDING DJ TOUR. Flying to the UK to play some recs and drinks some pints with my brother-in-arms Nostalgia 77 who is lacing himself up with a wifey. Lotsa lotsa love to my man and his girl Hannah.

So I had this idea of starting a new crew called The Wedding DJ’s and cruising around in powder blue suits and big ruffled shirts. But of course, as with any semi-ok idea, it has already been thought up and executed. Probably much better than I ever could anyway.

DJ Rhettmatic of the Visionaries and World Famous Beat Junkie Crew beat me to the punch by putting out this mix called The Wedding Mixer. Not that it’s exactly the same as starting a whole crew but the concept seems less fresh now that I know that this mix is out there. I mean he’s got KLYMAXXX, LISA LISA and EARTH WIND AND FIRE packed into this 50 minute mix. Yeah, I’m not touching that. It’s all you Rhett. With regards.




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