far and wide (MPSU #9)

Honestly, it’s been a good run for us so far around here at MM!!!. We are approaching 25,000 hits in five months of existence. People are linking to us in languages we hardly recognize. And we’re blessed that people from all over the world think enough of us to share their mixes here. And we’ve found the time to live the life of an international baller. Kinda tight.

One of the latest mixes to come to us is from BRUSSLES, BELGIUM via DJ SCLIFFE. Honestly, I was a pretty big fan even before listening to the mix. I like that he checked in with us several times to make sure we got the mix, something which we find flattering.

But thank you Scliffe for keeping up with us cuz your mix is the cutty. And we knew the instant we heard the second track: an exclusive Anti-Pop Consortium remix. Anti-Pop is a slept on favorite around here at MM!!! and a sign that Scliffe was a man of exquisite taste. And the mix continued to steam roll us from there. Holler at us anytime you want Scliffe.




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