transmissions from sook

On Fri, Jul 18, 2008 at 12:38 AM, Sarah Gurman <> wrote:

hi dude,

just purchased caffein for the sole purpose of writing a post for MIXTAPEMIXTAPE! and i’m listening to the EVERYTHINGS IRIE mix pretty regularll…everything’s pretty irie. anyway, mayb i shouldn’t drinkt he coffee i made before i checked my email. think im getting sick! plus, cracked out from bein crazy busy bone. feel like i need like 28 hr days…think we should get a crew together that can get behind that..just got from my writing class and my story is due monday morning. fukin a. but deadline’s is good. so is this mix. i want to write about it. monday or tues. how u doin in the uk?

much love,





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One response to “transmissions from sook

  1. mixtapesmixtapes

    yo this mix the fuckin shit. that ethiopians (track 6) cut is blowing babylon to pieces. Dread.

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