jasta la pista, baby (MPSU #11)

Continuing last week’s theme of Brit mixes, here’s one by the F*CHAMPS crew from Spain via London. Coincidentally, they sent* it to us while our main man of MM!!! was up in the UK partying in mead-halls across the English countryside.

Not to be confused with the instru-metal band from SF, Puto Champs aka Fucking Champs hail from Galicia. I once wrote a Spanish report on the Galego language and was intrigued; it’s similar to Portuguese and has retained some elements of Latin, which (allow me to nerd out) I studied in high school. I’m down for Spanish regional nationalism and I’m also down for this mix. From spaced out breaks to jazzy interludes and even a lil’ grime, it’s got soul, a smooth ride all the way.

*This MPSU is particularly noteworthy as it’s the first we received through our new Myspace page…yup, now you can add us as a friend and leave a witty comment or blingee or random youtube clip, we’re into those. We already found some of our previous DJs and mix makers on there, so if you’re a loyal reader or we’ve written about your mix then hit us up.

¡Puro Galiza!



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One response to “jasta la pista, baby (MPSU #11)

  1. Awesome mix- great addition to mixtape.

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