Laugh Now, Cry Later

A friend of mine growing up had an extensive collection of “Teen Angel” magazines. I can remember hanging out at his place, thumbing through pages of low riders, prison pics and tattoo art. It was a magazine dedicated to chicano youth that was published out of Rialto. (If you take 101 North to San Francisco, you can find copies of TA in small markets).

One of the sections was ‘Dedications’ that were letters and notes from inmates in Soledad and Corcoran, etc. dedicating songs to loved ones on the outside. And here’s a mix dedicated to you!




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4 responses to “Laugh Now, Cry Later

  1. Flaco aka Pretty Boy

    this mix is the chingaso!!
    Odelay Vatos!

  2. jasmine blanco

    my mom when she was young she hanged around with her friends and they used to send pictures of her and her friends to this magazines but she dosnt have anymore copys of it now we live in sandiego and left all her good friends in sanfrancisco she says that she regrets not keeping her magazines cuse now she dosnt know were her friends are at


    What are some stores you know where you can still find old copies? A lot of stores don’t sell these any more. I live in the bay area.

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