everything’s coming up gold

Santogold, that is. She’s everywhere-radio, computer, billboards, magazines, and to the dismay of some, all over shoe, beer and car commercials. But I don’t hate on the girl, I’ve still got a ton of respect for her and her music and despite her mainstream/commercial success, I still think she keeps it real. Maybe I’m biased, when I went to see her perform one of her backup dancers ran off the stage sick, and she pulled me up to dance for her…it was pretty rad. Afterward some guy said I should get a matching outfit and join up with them at Coachella-yeah, in my dreams.

Diplo’s got something going with these artist centered mixtapes, the MIA collab Piracy Funds Terrorism made me want to induce widespread dance frenzy, resulting in some ‘DJing’ and all that. Top Ranking isn’t so much the party as it is dub arty, but equal in quality, sampling and selection. The Guns of Brixton refix is already a hit, but what I was psyched about was the Right Brigade cover, throwback to Santi’s punk days in Stiffed, which I have yet to hear. Amanda Blank has a sweet LL Cool J inspired cameo too.

Solid 24K.




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