B.O.H.emian rhapsody

Since MM!!!’s inaugural Baltimore club post, I’ve been looking for some down ‘n dirty bmore banger mixes, but most have fallen short. They hardly bump those signature beats and degrade into some sort of electro house fusion. But Baltimore native DLake knows what’s up, and gives us two mixtapes that strike a balance between said ‘hipster’ tracks and pop joints all sewn together with the bmore sound.

On v2.0 he drops original tracks by his group Claire Huxtable, and who didn’t grow up on The Cosby Show I ask? I have fond memories of Rudy, Vanessa, Theo and the whole clan, and don’t act like you didn’t have a thing for Denise…Lisa Bonet could charm anyone with that bohemian black girl hotness, guys wanted to take her to coffee to discuss literature and the latest Tribe Called Quest album, girls wanted to cop her avant 80s/90s style. Can someone out there make an A Different World themed mix? Dwayne Wayne needs some love too.

LISTEN!!! – Bmore Of a Hipster “The Mixtape” v1.0


LISTEN!!! – Bmore Of a Hipster “The Mixtape” v2.0



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One response to “B.O.H.emian rhapsody

  1. The Sook

    What the crap? Why did I wait so long to start listenin to MIA? Claire Huxtable: one of the great milfs of our time…

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