and…we’re back!

First and foremost you must please excuse my temporary absence from ye ‘olde bloggy blog. Not intentional by any means but when you’re moving from country to country and couch to couch like a budget player it sometimes becomes impossible to find a healthy wi-fi connection. These are the problems of our times.

Back in Los Angeles now and although I visited some amazing places, inhabited by amazing people, I always feel lucky that I get to come home to MY CITY. Los Angeles runs this whole bitch and anyone who thinks otherwise can hit me up directly with your line of faulty reasoning. You know the deal.

But for me, LA is the place. We’ve got the tightest girls, the tightest vegan ice cream and the tightest bicycle shops. And, in case you needed anymore convincing, we also got the tightest DJs. One of which is DJ Solo of the SOUL ASSASSINS crew who has welcomed me back with the perfect summer rundown block party mix right here:




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