kenny started this

When I first started DJing in ’96 it was because of HOUSE MUSIC. I’m not afraid to say it. Even though back then anyone who spun hip hop or breaks always clowned dance music. Hey man, I’m comfortable with my sexuality. And honestly, girls like to dance to house music. So whatevs.

But now it’s all trendy to be mixing dance music and hip hop. I guess we have Kanye and A-Trak to thank for that. Hey, I ain’t hating. All I’m saying is the same dudes who use to clown are now on the jock…12 years later. Holler at me.

KENNY DOPE isn’t one of those guys. He was at the forefront of combining dance music with hip hop and breaks and tropicalia and whatever else he could match a beat too…and he was doing this way back in the day. That’s before SERATO for all you kiddies out there. As a DJ, I’ll never forget how he was out there doing his thing no matter what anyone else was saying or doing.

I’m pretty sure he just liked seeing girls on the dancefloor too.




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3 responses to “kenny started this

  1. Amen. House Music All Night Long!

  2. I sent an associate of mine a link to this blog post and he truly thanked me, thank you for the share!

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