the ill spidey sense

My boy MOTA is always coming through with some of the ill sticky icky mixes. He’s one of those cats who is always on top of the latest ish way before anyone else has ever heard of it. He’s not a big time DJ or TASTEMAKER. Just a dude with a really appreciative ear and good taste. I’m not sure how he stays on top of the new ish but I think it might have to do with his SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO. Either that or he has some kind of ill SPIDEY SENSE. I should look into that.

So, it should come as no surprise that this latest rare mix comes to me via Mota the man. It features the music of DJ SHADOW and was mixed by World Famous Beat Junkie D-STYLES. It was released as a promo CD when you purchased THE PRIVATE PRESS off of A true gem from a couple years back.

HEY MOTA, everyone here at MM!!! thanks you for your rampant hip hop consumerism. We all have something to learn from this. Holler at your boy!



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One response to “the ill spidey sense

  1. big frog

    this mix is dope. thanks for posting this. i used to have it, lost it, and had been fiending to listen to it until now. you guys are awesome!

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