new friends, new music (MPSU #12)

My favorite part of doing this blog is putting up mixes sent into us by people I’ve just randomly met in my life. It’s awesome to be breaking world premier DJ mixes and sharing music with you by the next producer. But the thing that got me started on this blog is the chance of finding out what kind of music is inspiring you– the people who inspire me.

This mix comes from a dude that I met a couple weeks ago at dinner. It’s cool how you might not know anything about a person but as soon as you start talking about Bennie Maupin and spiritual jazz you know exactly where he stands…and I’m right there with him.

I only met GREG SHAPIRO the one time but he told me he used to run the AVANT-GARDE JAZZ radio show at Northwestern University so I was stoked to get a mix from him. I guess I was expecting jazz but Greg artfully went the other way with it and sent me a mix that spans ARETHA to SERGE to ZAPPA.

NOTE TO SELF: expectations are boring. Blow them up into a million pieces.




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