this is how it should be done

Staying on the not really a mixtape precedent set by Fernando yesterday with the live Radiohead recording from the OUTLANDS FESTIVAL in San Francisco, we give you the JAYLIB set from 2004’s Montreux Festival in Switzerland.

Montreux Festival was the Jazz Festival in the late 60’s and hosted some of the era’s freshest talent in Nina Simone, The Soft Machine and Keith Jarrett. There are several live recordings from this festival that made it to LP. I highly recommend the Les McCann/Eddie Harris offering. TOP NOTCHIN.

It’s great to see that almost 40 years later the festival stays true to it’s roots and still hosts cutting edge musical talent. Although the musical collaboration known as Jaylib only spawned one album, their imprint on hip hop is indelible. Also features PB WOLF and JROCC.




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  1. ptrx

    i see there’s no more need for such as that, ce, well wrought drmos definitely

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