happy accidents

Saw JON BRION at LARGO over the weekend and was not disappointed which is a rare feet these days. Brion, the quirky, awkward mind behind such idiosyncratic soundtracks as PUNCH DRUNK LOVE and THE ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF A SPOTLESS MIND was smart and charismatic while constructing songs shouted out by the audience on the fly.

This sent me on the quest to find a Jon Brion mixtape to post, which apparently does not actually exist in physical form although one of your favorite internet blogs decided to make a tracklisting for it. I’m not quite sure how that helps my cause any more than the girl who intentionally gave me blue balls in the 7th Grade but I’ll cut them some slack and trust that their intetions were pure. Bitch.

But, my search did lead me to THE MIXTAPECLUB– a loose collective of music mix lovers based out of NYC, and although this mix does not actually contain any Jon Brion, one of Michelle Higa’s earlier mixes does. I couldn’t resist putting this one up which has two songs I’ve been bugging out on lately: Shuggie’s Strawberry Letter #23 and Dilla’s Baby. This cannot be a bad thing.




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