i h*te jack davey


Don’t know what all that means but I like what it says and I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna hold homegirl down. Jack Davey has been doing her thing for a second and she’s not stopping anytime soon. For anything.

One half of the band J*Davey, AKA THE BLACK EURYTHMICS, Ms. Jack has been swooning the soul world with her unique vibe and sound for a couple years now. But she’s not just an artist. She’s a fan. You’re more than likely to catch her out enjoying a show as you are to catch her performing at a show. That’s love.

Nothing makes her love of music more apparent then the BLACK MORRIS BIZZARE MIX that she put out a couple months back. It ranges from Bob Marley to Dwele to Bird & the Bee to Can to Bowie and back around. Eclectic inspiration y’all. The official.





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2 responses to “i h*te jack davey

  1. Mota

    Did Proffessor Griff approve of this? Don’t think so…

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