don’t call it a comeback

MM!!! is a lot like a PIRATE SHIP that I am the part-time captain of. We deal in buried treasure, swig a good amount of rum and generally cause havoc on the high seas. Unfortunately, pirates are known to be quite a fickle lot, not to be trusted and at their worst mutinous and made to walk the plank.

Well, there hasn’t been a mutiny and I haven’t made use of the plank just yet but I must say that some of my favorite CONSPIRATORIAL SWASHBUCKLERS have had to jump ship and seek fortunes on another path. I wish them all the best and perhaps they will even be back onboard the SS MIXTAPEMIXTAPE at a later date but as of right now it’s pretty much just me and MY PEGLEG and a bottle of Captain Morgans.

All of this is a round about way of saying- Please forgive us if the posts aren’t coming as regularly as they have been. This is all still a work in progress. And oh yeah, IF YOU LOVE MUSIC AND WANT TO WRITE for the most salacious, scallywag of a pirate, hit us up at:

TODAY’S mix comes from the illest JAZZ BLOGS around: EL REZA. These fine gentlemen are purveyors of some of the funkiest, enlightened and hard to find music of the genre and it is always a spiritual experience to peep one of their mixes. I listened to this while riding my bike through Los Angeles today and I really couldn’t think of better music to match the scene. OFFICIAL.





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3 responses to “don’t call it a comeback

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  2. xrazor

    hmm…the last few mixes won’t paly in windows media player.getting frustrating…

  3. mixtapesmixtapes

    is this a recent problem?

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