where’s tupac at?

Coming out of the RATATAT show last night there was dude selling bootleg Ratatat shirts alongside bootleg TUPAC shirts. “Tupac performed too!?!?!?” a girl wondered as she walked by. Unfortunately he did not. Which isn’t to say he wasn’t in the building.

Wherever Tupac was Ratatat could have used him. Let me get this straight. I’m a fan of Ratatat (and their taste in music videos), and maybe I caught them on an off night, but their live show left me a little hollow. Their music is infectious, yes, has a unique sound, yes, and definitely makes you want to dance. But somehow this got lost in translation.

I really dig their mixtapes, so I’m wondering what if they did have an MC? Is that too easy? Or maybe a live drummer? Just planting seeds here.

Whatever. It’s not like their music is gonna fall out of rotation over here but I’d probably only see them again live if Tupac was actually on the bill. Or if they had chainmail clad Valkyries shooting fire out of their nipples on stage. Can we make either of these things happen?




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One response to “where’s tupac at?

  1. Mota

    Valkyries with fiya-shootin’ nipples… Dude, sign me up…

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