murs rules the world

Took a road trip with MY PIECE this weekend which was an opportunity to get better acquainted with her musical tastes…especially since we took her car, which meant her iPod. And lest you think this be of minor significance my friend, let me tell you how wrong you are.

Music is the great unifier. If you spend a lot of time with your girl or guy chances are a lot of that time will be spent listening to music. Meeting someone you’re into is one thing… but non-stop BARRY MANILOW could completely change the situation. Naw what I’m sayin?

So yeah, my girl has the occasionally FERGIE and BOW WOW song on her iPod. Not her finest moment. But for every JOJO track festering in her pod there were another 10 or 12 albums of stuff that some of my RECORD STORE co-workers don’t know about. Like HUGH MASEKELA, L FUDGE and THE CHURCH. And then there is her vast, almost worrisome, LIVING LEGENDS collection, which is where I found this mix.

I think I’ll keep her around for awhile.





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2 responses to “murs rules the world

  1. elle

    i love murs! i can’t wait to pick up murs for president on sept. 30!

  2. MJ

    murs for president is definately going to be a great album. if quik mixed it like ive heard, then its going to sound incredible. get ready!

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