where i’m calling from

So I leave for Kazakhstan tomorrow. Yeah. Don’t know how that happened so don’t ask. Apparently I’m having a photography show there. If you’re interested in following the trip you can check it out here: www.yntymaq.wordpress.com. Holler at your boy.

I also just moved out of ECHO BASE, my loving abode for the last two years in Echo Park. I’ms gonna miss FERN, the cat WU-TANG, THE LITTLE ORPHAN JOEY and all the rest. It’s been a great run, and I’m gonna miss it, but if there’s one thing I’ve figured out about this life thing it’s that you gotta keep moving forward. Change is the only constant in this bitch so get with it.

So all of that, the blog and I’ve been finishing up co-directing this commercial which is looking pretty sweet right now. So please excuse the fact that I forgot to celebrate STEVLAND “STEVIE WONDER” JUDKINS’ birthday, which was back in May. Thankfully these guys didn’t.

What a horrible segue. Just check out the mix.



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