the return of YOU (MPSU #13)

So I haven’t done this in a while, not because the mixes haven’t been coming in but mostly because I’ve been crazed and lazy. Things are about to change. Tomorrow.

But last week I got a mix sent to me with just this in the body of the email:

“hello people. this is the tracklist and link. really hope you like it!! theQ”

And then a real nice tracklist and a link to a mix. No, bio, no myspace, no nothing.

Well I tracked you down ZEBEDEE…and thank you for the mix. Homie is one-half of the “LOST VOICES” production team out of the UK who are putting out some real nice independent music (peep LEMONADE AND WINE) and this mix is unlike anything that anyone has sent us so far.

And that my friend is a very good thing.





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5 responses to “the return of YOU (MPSU #13)

  1. I found this post gripping. It’s really one I’ll read more of!!

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  3. Breh, the mix is dope breh. But that Daniela Simpson is spam breh.

  4. mixtapesmixtapes

    thanks mang. good lookin out

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