techno resurgence

sami koivikko is a finland based minimalist techno deejay/ producer on spectral sound.  spectral sound is the label owned and operated by matthew dear (aka audion).  audion (aka matthew dear) is the man behind asa breed.  asa breed was a good album, you liked it.  you will like this too even though it sounds nothing like asa breed.  techno resurgence means the death of skinny jeans and the return of jnco jeans.  jnco jeans will get you laid.  you heard it here first.

LISTEN !!! – Sami Koivikko @ Rose Garden



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2 responses to “techno resurgence

  1. helpful

    just thought you should know that matthew dear does not actually operate ghostly or spectral. sam valenti runs and owns the label. they are close friends though.

  2. mtwine

    my intern got it wrong. dear was one of the founding artists, but not the founder (according to wiki). you should be relieved to know my intern has been replaced with a robot. thanks for keeping us honest.

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