the revolution will be live

Hello from TARAZ, KAZAKHSTAN. I think that should about say it all. I’d just like to take a second and shout out a few of the mixes currently on rotation in my iPod and that will forever be attached to the memory of this trip.

THE RETURN OF YOU – We just featured this mix last week but it is a heater. If you haven’t peeped it yet peep it now. The REMIX OF BLUE FLOWERS is worth it by itself. You can punch me in the face if you don’t like it. Gently punch. It’s a beautiful face.

SUN SPLASH – Probably the finest reggae mix we’ve hosted here at the MM!!!. Heat heat heat.

8 DAYS A WEEK – You can’t leave the country without a Beatles mix. It’s in the rules.

So yeah. Thank you music. You’re kinda tight.

And really, sometimes you just don’t know what you’re missing until it’s not around anymore. We’ve been missing some of that good ‘ole American hip hop while in Central Asia, so we call on DJ REVOLUTION, who’s new album just dropped, with this classic mix of 85ish. For the historian.




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