the best of both worlds

Somewhere in a former life I was fortunate enough to have made a living creative directing hip hop DVD’s. I’m proud of my credit list and it was fun working with artists whose whose music was already in my crates.  I pretty much got to live many a record nerd’s dream.

But to me, the finished product is irrevocably attached to the experience of putting said product together.  This is how I go about most things in my life (which is probably why I’m broke) and I’ll always prefer a good experience over a fatty paycheck.  It’s not a philosophy I endorse.  But it works for me.

For this reason working with PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS on the Stepfather DVD stands out.  Thes and Double K are cool ass dudes.  This is not debateable.  And they got love for the music like crazy. By the time I finished working on Stepfather I was a bigger PUTS fan than when I started.  And I’ve had their first single from the get go.

Support real heads and keep on the watch for the new PUTS album FUN DMC.  For now, chew on the mixtape:


UPDATE: Mysterious 404 error has been fixed.  Listen away!



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3 responses to “the best of both worlds

  1. r

    i seen those cats live last thusday, shit was ill.

    got the new album straight from thes for ten bucks

  2. Whats w/ the 404 error, B?

  3. mixtapesmixtapes

    Fixed the 404 error…we should be good. let me know if you gots anymore issues yo. salute son!

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