chylorama 4 (MPSU #14)

from Lionel L <>
date Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 1:05 AM
subject Chylorama

Hi guyz,

You doing a good job with your blog.

I’m French, I live in Lyon & every month I do a mix call Chylorama, a musical journey through the styles and the times, 100 % vinyl .
This the 4# , you can find another in
Listen if you are the time and I hope 🙂 Enjoy


ED. NOTE – Mix reminds me of cognac and smoking jackets. Never a bad combination. Perfect for that sunday afternoon session.

Thanks for the props Lionel L, you are a man of substance and leisure. And quality use of emoticons!


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One response to “chylorama 4 (MPSU #14)

  1. Chylorama like mixtapemixtape …

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