return to the valley

So I’m pretty much homeless now, which is interesting in many regards. In particular it has acutely limited my ability to access and peruse the INTERNET at my leisure. There is a giant hole in my heart where FAILBLOG use to reside.

So as you can imagine trying to maintain this blog without consistent access to the world wide web pretty much blows and its making me rethink my strategy. If you have high speed internet access don’t be surprised if I show up on your doorstep with my laptop.

Today’s post was made possible by the generosity of my parent’s DSL provider. They live in THE VALLEY so I try not to be out here too much but there’s food and a computer. If I could figure out my mom’s administrator password I’d be golden.

And since I am in the great San Fernando Valley, soccer mom and porno Capitol of the World, I thought I’d break you off with a mix from a cat who lives in Encino. My friend Maura hipped me to SIIK and in true valley style his mixes are versatile, bass heavy and always on-point.

Gotta run…the Mall is in full effect.




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