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ED. NOTE:  I’m not into long posts. I know you guys don’t read this crap anyway…you’re here for the music. But my man KONE from LA FAMILIA DE BROKE FOLK LOS ANGELES dropped this killer commentary on the first round of presidential debates…and still had time to rep the crew on the BALLER’S EVE show featured on EAST VILLAGE RADIO. Check my man’s politics followed by his liks. (The Clipse remix is stooooooooopid.)


bears in montana? what is this guy talking about?

September 26, 2008, 9:20 pm
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tonight didn’t strike me as much of a debate, as it did a chance to see both candidates side by side, giving us an idea of where they are each at currently. given the events of the last several weeks, this gave us an opportunity to see how each has responded to the looming economic disaster, as well as the issues that have been paramount for the last several years, such as iraq and the general policy on foreign diplomacy.

obviously those of us who are not journalists see this through our own lens of passions and positions, so it is hard to remain completely objective. i can’t help the fact that when i hear john mccain speak, i want to reach for the nearest fork and jam it in his eye. (btw, i discovered a crucial correllary for that hatred, which i will return to).

but what i saw tonight was one candidate who was extremely well-prepared, well-researched, well-informed, composed, and confident. and i saw one candidate who seemed almost disinterested at times. who seemed to only be able to recollect and refer to events long in the past. he rarely had an answer, but he always had an anecdote. barack continously pointed out the areas where he and mccain agreed, while mccain repeatedly said “what senator obama does not understand is….” at times, mccain looked like he was hearing the information barack was saying for the very first time. mccain stumbled over the names of leaders, and simply put, the fact that you went to pakistan thirty years ago does nothing to convince me that you have any idea what is going on in pakistan today.

and barack took a hard line on pakistan. he said that if they actively prohibit investigations into worldwide terrorism, than they will be dealt with as such. there were a few moments where i thought even republicans would lean towards barack’s ability to get shit done. with regard to russia, barack was respectful, yet very clearly disapproving. and he left no doubt that as president, he would take this same approach towards foreign affairs. barack is subtlely gangster. gangsters know that you must respect other gangsters because that’s the gangster code. john mccain is a condescending bully. he’s the type of douchebag that punches girls.

the problem is that mccain still thinks that the US can kick anybody’s ass. any time, any place. maybe one day this was the case, but this is not true anymore. our occupation of iraq has only strengthened other world powers who ACTUALLY CAN wreak havoc on us if they chose. iraq was never a threat. never. it was a personal little fued that the bush family could not let go. in the meantime, north korea and iran have only gained leverage over us. fuck, i think venezuela could fuck our shit up if they wanted to. we’re over-extended. and did john mccain actually say that we’re winning in iraq? we’re winning? it’s not even a matter of winning or losing anymore. that was out the window once this “war” lasted longer than 3 months.

i think what he means is that….since 22 US soldiers have died this month vs. 66 in september of 2007…that means we’re doing three times as good. he doesn’t realize that is twenty-two american men and women. most probably under the age of 22. actually, he realizes, he just doesn’t care. because as long as our kill ratio is more than 22 for the month, we’re winning. but you know what, 4171 americans have lost their lives (confirmed) so far. the highlight of the debate was the iraq discussion. barack served him up. “john, you like to pretend the iraq war started in 2007.” awesome.

which is exactly what he needs to do more of. don’t try to be respectful and not offend anyone. barack needs to say fuck it, if i lose 10 people in order to completely convince 1000, then i have to do it. go at that old bastard. he has no right to speak down to you. no matter how much more experience he believes himself to have, there’s a reason it’s you standing across from him at that podium. it’s no accident you smirking fuck.

so anyway, back to what i figured out tonight. i know what it is about john mccain that just bothers me to the core of my being. he’s the same character type as doug collins!! they’re cut from the same white dude’s nutsack. they both have the same not-at-all-subtle self-praise. the art of sucking your own dick. mccain sounded just like doug does when he says, “i remember one time i called time out….and michael jordan came over to the bench…and kneeled down in front of me…and gazed up at me…and said….whatever you want me to do, coach.” doug will not miss an opportunity to remind people that he coached jordan, but he will never volunteer the fact that when he was jordan’s coach, that was the only time that jordan didn’t win. doug never won a championship with jordan. as soon as doug was gone, michael won it for years. mccain is the same fucking way! cut from the same shitrag.

last points. no palin, huh? next week’s vice presidential debate is gonna be bad-ass. i predict barking and claws. from both sides. i do wish that barack had gone at him a little harder. and i wish he would’ve seemed a little more gravely concerned about the current economic troubles. i know it’s a touchy subject, but he has the ability to put some distance between mccain and himself by focusing on the fact that he’s the one that actually understands what struggle is like. i hope he takes advantage of that. show that you understand the fear of losing your home. like chris rock said, mccain could lose five houses, and still have seven.

anyways, this is supposed to be a music blog. but there’s more to life than the new crappy track that the new faggy buzz band just leaked out of their ass. just kidding, i ain’t mad, and there’s some dope music on the way shortly. but broke folk is political by nature. it’s in the name. broke. folk. it refers directly to the disparity that exists in this country on all levels. i don’t want you to be a part of this, unless you are willing to understand that this world is carried on the shoulders of broke folk. but i got a bad back, so i’m over it.

thanks for listening. hit me up if you wanna rap. stay tuned tomorrow, because i think i came up with a plan that can save the financial institutions as well as provide some real life relief for taxpayers, homeowners, and the rest of us who this really hits. and i’ll leave you with one of the finest debates of our time. a true example of why they call it the art of debate.




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