that tiny guitar mix


Been wanting to put this mix together for awhile and basically have been lagging on it for no reason whatsoever. Maybe I can blame it on SARAH PALIN or the GLOBAL FINACIAL CRISIS. It’s definitely not on me; that I watch DANCING WITH THE STARS, eat CARL’S JR. or drive an ESCALADE ON 22’s. I’m pretty sure of that.

But it seems that the UKULELE is making a bit of a comeback these days on the hipster circuit (which isn’t a bad thing) but for me it’s pretty much been ingrained in my DNA. Moms is from Hawaii and GRANDPA has been strumming away on that tiny guitar since before I can remember. Blessings all around.

Anyways, he’s been sick lately, which blows, but I’ve been fortunate enough to spend some time on the islands with him. THIS MIX is inspired by that time. It’s mostly ukulele music but some of it’s not. Who likes coloring within the lines anyway? Certainly not me and hopefully not you.

Check out the mix. It’s kinda special to us here at MM!!!. MAHALO.





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4 responses to “that tiny guitar mix

  1. ptrx

    nice one homie maholla!

  2. woodshed

    Thanks for the mix. Excellent stuff.

    The last track is so obviously a rip-off of the first.

  3. mixtapesmixtapes

    ripoff, inspired, cover of, homage to…yeah, i’m not sure. all of the above but i like both songs. right? thanks for checking us out.

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