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I’m not gonna sit here and bullshit to you about how down I was as a kid. I was nerd. Probably still am a nerd. I didn’t know who the ROCK STEADY CREW was, didn’t own a KANGOL and never danced on top of cardboard. Just didn’t happen.

But I did listen to a ton of music. Had the first NWA tape when it came out, bumped THE LOW END THEORY all day long and remember how ill the cover of ICE-T’S POWER seemed to me. I still have dreams about that girl.

It wasn’t until a few years later that I saw BEAT STREET and put the faces to the names of the RSC.  Now, they’re part of our history. If you don’t know who the Rock Steady Crew is and why they are so important you might as well punch yourself in the face…before someone else does it for you.

This is a mix celebrating the Crew’s 30th Anniversary mixed by J. Period, DJ JS-1 and DV-One. FIRE.



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