Please excuse the prolonged absence from the blog. I have no excuse other than I too enjoy feeding on TURKEY and YAMS in commemoration of the European settlers who did their best to annihilate an ENTIRE RACE OF PEOPLE. Mmmmm….turkey.

Anyway, had myself a really nice THANKSGIVING ROADTRIP with friends, which not only provided ample time to discuss the accolades of TONY EVEREADY and the merits of a good DOG WASHING but also to catch up on some music that had previously eluded me. Like FLYING LOTUS.

Flying Lotus, a former DUBLAB DJ, has garnered a lot of attention this year for his LOS ANGELES LP and after a thorough listening of the album on this roadtrip it’s easy to see why. Multiply that by the fact that he reps the Valley suburb of WINNETKA on his Myspace page and Flying Lotus is one of my new favorite artists. Here’s a mix he did a few nights ago for the BBC.

Prepare to teleport.





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2 responses to “essential

  1. Mota

    FINALLY!!! “Dog Washing” makes its debut on Mixtape… I think Tony might have “spent” some time in Winnetka, too…

  2. mixtapesmixtapes


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