got it for cheap


I’m pretty sure that no one likes good hip hop anymore. That’s really the only explanation for THE CLIPSE being so slept on.

As I’ve stated in this space before, The Clipse delivered one of the last seminal hip hop albums in HELL HATH NO FURY and yet they haven’t really broken through to the mainstream just yet. Maybe it’s for the best. Maybe if they broke through to THE MAINSTREAM their music would cease to be what it is: audacious, left-field music with the honesty of a good ole fashion pistol whipping. It’s street music. It’s take-ya-to-school music. It’s good music.

Whatever the reason, The Clipse is still operating under the radar which means they are still bunkered down somewhere in VIRGINIA BEACH working on music. This is a good thing for us.

Their new album is on the way. This is the mixtape they just released for it.




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