a merry little ‘mixmas


My internet has been actin’ up. C’mon VERIZON, it’s not that hard. I pay you, you give me THE INTERNETZ; done deal. Anyway, that’s why I haven’t posted in a while.

And I’ve been wanting to real bad because, hey, it’s the holidays. There’s nothing that makes people go buckwild with mixtape making like the holidays. Sometimes you gotta make a mix for a holiday party or if you’re like me you gotta make a mixtape to give out in lieu of “real” presents. Yes, I’m broke. Again.

There are a lot of mixes out there right now for the holidays. It’s like the mix has sub-planted caroling as the horrible holiday musical tradition. I can do without a HEAVY METAL CHRISTMAS. Skid Row doing JINGLE BELLS speaks for itself.

One of the more interesting mixes I found though is decidedly sublime, hailing from THE YELLOW STEREO out of Alabama. I gotta say, ‘Bama has taste, which is probably not that surprising to you but since I’m from Los Angeles I tend to think everything cool happens in my periphery.

Features tracks by Belle and Sebastian, Glo Worm and MM!!! favorite EL PERRO DEL MAR. Get Christmasy yo.




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