more xmas (the new new)


More Christmas mixes!!!  YAYYYYYYY!  Feel the love.  Feel the sarcasm.

Shouldn’t you be at the mall anyway?  Stop reading this and go buy something.

This holiday season mix comes from none other than the head honcho, MR. PB WOLF himself, of Stones Throw fame.  It was originally released as a fun time promo at the end of 2005 but I thought I’d drop it on you now in staying with the seasonal vibe we currently have going for the holidays.  Old is the new “new” anyway so go tell someone that you found it first and send ’em a link.  Think of it as a little mini digital stocking stuffer.

Reminds me that we don’t always follow the seasonal vibe around here.  Sometimes, you just can’t wait.

The room I’m sitting in at my parents house is friggin freezing.




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One response to “more xmas (the new new)

  1. Если что-то очень хочется сделать – это или аморально, или запрещено, или вредно для фигуры.

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