it’s in the atmosphere


NPR just released their list of top MIXTAPES for 2008. Not too shabby although we were surprised that it is comprised solely of hip hop artists. It’s not like mixtapes started with hip hop. Mixtapes were around long before WILDSTYLE and THE BRONX BOOGIE DOWN and I was hoping that NPR would give a little nod to this with their selection. But alas, everyone can’t do it as right as MM!!!

But we’re was stoked to see WALE (mixtape about nothing) on the list although we prefer 100 MILES AND RUNNING. And I’m definitely gonna check out PEEDI CRACK AND DJ E-STACKS latest. But what most interests us from the list is the mixtape from Minneapolis based rapper SLUG of Atmosphere.

We’ve been listening to Atmosphere for years but somehow none of his music has made it to us in the last five. Good to hear some new music from him and honestly, after listening to this tape front to back, Slug hasn’t fallen off an inch. But of course, I ‘ll let you be your own judge:




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