Today is the one year anniversary of MIXTAPEMIXTAPE!!! All I can say is woo…woo.

We scoured far and wide to find an appropriate mix. And you know what? It’s one of yours. Yeah, we got DJ SHADOW mixes, and GIRLTALK mixes and CLIPSE mixes but honestly, YOU keep this site going. Everyone who reads it and especially those of you who have shared your mixes with us and the world. That is what this project is about. Interactivity. Interconnectedness.

One year, 65,000 visits, and several hundred mixtapes later and we’re still here. Didn’t think we last a week. We made it 52. Let’s keep this thing going…

So we picked WAYLON DUNGAN’S mix for two reasons. First, he sent it to us again when we asked nicely. And second, he found us on FACEBOOK which we take as a compliment. Waylon is the DJ pictured above. This eclectic mix features a ridiculous, astro-travelin’ mash-up of PHARCYDE’S PASSIN ME BY which is worth the price of admission alone. Don’t sleep. This cat from Seattle definitely doesn’t.




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3 responses to “ONE YEAR LATER (MPSU #20)

  1. Ian

    WD4D owns… the NW already knows. Glad to see this up

  2. ptrx

    peace out Premiere put me down with the fader..MM has changed my life man. Keep it going mayn! Call me daft but what is the (MPSU) stand for??

  3. bburns3000

    MPSU = mixes people sent us (i assume)

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