just when you thought…

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you weren’t gonna see us again, we’re back to brighten up your webs.  We know it’s been a sec since our last post but please be patient with us as we move MM!!! headquarters out of my parent’s house and into our new, luxurious, Hollywood location.  We’ll make you happy.

And why not start off this new era at MM!!! with a guy who has been making us happy for ten years strong now:  DJ EDIT.  We’ve been big big fans of Edit’s ever since the days when we DJ’d house parties together in college and from the beginning it was evident that he was not only a vastly superior turntablist than yours truly but that he also had the skills and the drive to go wherever he wanted to with music.

We didn’t know just how far he had gone until last summer when strolling the streets of London we see his name on a poster the size of a VOLKSWAGEN.  Our man is livin his dream and we couldn’t be happier for him.  We present to you his crew’s latest mixtape ensemble, now:



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