news notes corrections (mpsu #21)



MIXTAPEMIXTAPE GEOGRAPHY LESSON #1: Long Beach is no where near the island of Madagascar. One is the home to some of the most original animals in the world. The other is home to one of the most original rappers of the world. But you knew that already.

Despite the obvious difference we erroneously attributed a mix that was sent to us from DJ NAMO of Long Beach to DJ Namo of Madagascar. We are not proud of this; it makes us cry inside. Additionally, in our post DANCE PARTY FRIDAY we mistakenly mistook DJ KG as part of our Russian fanbase when he is quite clearly GEORGIAN.

We apologize for these over sites. Our Research Editor has been fired. To apply for his job click here. In an effort to make up for our past transgressions we offer you the Long Beach Namo’s latest mix, a psychedelic romp through time space and all the funk in between. Respect.



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