under one roof (MPSU #22, 23)


Yeah, we know, been lagging. Life is tough on us superstar bloggers these days. No job is less recession proof than that of ye’ olde music blogger who wasn’t getting paid in the first place. We’ve been busy trying to turn PAPER CLIPS and POST ITS into money with less than favorable results. However, we press on.

We were sent these mixes last week, as the cosmos would have it, and have decided to put them up together since they are from a pair of former roommates. Actually, along with EDIT (whose mix we recently featured), PALOS and NOHA created an intensely music drivin living situation in the early 2000’s.

The trio of roomies have since parted ways but the range of musical knowledge that co-existed under that one roof is revealed in the diversity of their mixes. Where Edit goes glitch, Noha goes club and Palos goes downtempo. Truly, music for any occaision.

LISTEN!!! – TIGER KISS (Noha’s Tribute to Larry Levan)


LISTEN!!! – 45/LOVE (Palos in the Valentine mood)



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One response to “under one roof (MPSU #22, 23)

  1. juan rapido

    Is there a tracklist for Palos incredible mellow love mix? I know most of the songs…but the tracklist file isn’t available for download.

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