on the wagon


It seems like we can’t walk out our front door put on our underwear without hearing the praises of the almighty ANIMAL COLLECTIVE these days.

In most instances this type of BANDWANGONERY would surely prove a turn off to our refined aural palates here at MIXTAPEMIXTAPE!!! but in this instance we embrace the adulation as long overdue recognition for a band that has never wavered from their artistic ideals and just put out quality music.

And of course, they also have quality taste in music. These Animal Collective MICROMIXES were originally created for and posted on the exceptional DEERHUNTER/ATLAS SOUND blog and feature as an eclectic mish mash of songs as you’d expect from the ever experimental, loosely associated and highly creative collective.





editors note: Panda Bear’s Micromix has been swallowed by the internet and our IT guy has been unable to retrieve it. View the tracklist here and hunt down the songs on your own or hum the songs to yourself in quiet solitude.


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  1. ptrx

    that’s funny i was singing animal collective in my head all day today and didn’t know why

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