rewind selector!!!



WHO SHOT YA – no money, no problems

THIS IS NOT A MIXTAPE – but they’re givin it away!

I DON’T BIT TORRENT BUT MY FRIEND DOES – and our friends send us links

ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE – the best things in life are free

ANOTHER STATE OF MIND – being broke just means it’s time to go DIY



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4 responses to “rewind selector!!!

  1. I visit this site on a regular but most times like this post it’s so obtruse I can’t figured out what you’re talking

    When it comes to mitxapes most folks just want the facts.Who made it? What’s on it? What year was it made and how big is the file?

  2. mixtapesmixtapes

    yeah I don’t know man. Thanks for checking us out tho.

  3. thenazz

    i dunno what hamza is talking about, you guys are amazing. it doesn’t matter the format in which it comes (although, track and artist names are a plus), it’s all about the music maaayn. you guys post some good ass mixtapes, and, for your exquisite taste in music and willingness to take the time to share it, i am eternally grateful.

  4. mixtapesmixtapes

    thanks nazz. love will save the day.

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