a love of everything music (MPSU #24)


Just discovered your site and love it. I have just started a blog of my own with the intentions of posting various mixes. I just posted my second attempt at a mix(Mix#2- Psychedelic Instrumental Mix). It consists of various 60’s era tracks, all instrumental. I am no DJ, just a school teacher living in Western Mass. with a love of everything music. Not sure if you can included it, but if you can, much appreciated.

Thanks, and all the best,


EDITOR’S NOTE:  Hey Mark, thanks for a beautiful mix.  Send us a tracklist. Makes us wonder about all the cool things we might have learned if we had paid attention at school more.   Kids, listen to your teachers…THEY GOT BEATS!



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3 responses to “a love of everything music (MPSU #24)

  1. Thanks for including my mix. Much appreciated. Here is the tracklist:
    Prelude- The Millennium
    I Don’t Know- Kennelmus
    Mondo Hollywood- Mugwumg Establishment
    The Trip: Freak Out- Timothy Leary
    Karma Sitar- 101 Strings
    Don’t Make Waves- Tea Company
    This Island- Dantalion’s Chariot
    Cyke- Family Souls
    Lotus Flower- Appletree Theatre
    Childhood’s End- Friend Sound
    I Said She Said Ah Cid- Animated Egg
    Wiggly- Hal Blaine
    Dark Part Of My Mind- Crazy Elephant
    Mathar- The Dave Pike Set
    The Big Red Tomato- Growing Society
    Aquarius:The Lover of Life- Zodiac
    Hogin’ Machine- Les Baxter
    Danube Incident- Lalo Schifrin
    Goodbye Pamela Ann- Kennelmus

  2. lick it

    I’m kinda sweatin this Mark guy. Dope mix ya’ll!

  3. thenazz

    amazing. enlightening.

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