day and nite


To be frank, I’m pretty weak when it comes to keeping up with current music. I have such a penchant for putting one thing into my computer and playing it over and over that I tend to neglect my duties as a music afficianado to keep up with the latest greatest trends of THE YOUTHS. Its like there is almost too much good music coming out. Is that possible?

And then there is the irrepressible MR. CUDI and his bag of tricks. DAY AND NIGHT is the hot jam right now, for sure, but its hard to think of this as anything more than a one hit wonder and I quickly dismissed the whole phenomena.

But then THIS MIX lands on my desk and I give it a listen…Cudi, ok man, I get it. You got game. Seventeen tracks of proof that Cudi ain’t like the rest , with the Paul Simon 50 ways to leave your lover break thrown in for good, head cracking, measure.




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